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Without opening a virtual account

You want to buy something from a company, which for some reason does not send parcels to Russia or any other country in which you reside. You ask WWBox for help, and we will register an address in Finland for you where your parcel will be delivered. WWBox accepts the goods, paid by you in a convenient way, and forwards it to you. If desired, we will open and check the contents of the parcel and send you a photo by email. We will repackage your goods. If you wish, we can separate or combine several parcels into one. All our services can be paid for by credit card. You can also purchase a WWBox mailbox in Finland for a year. With a WWBox you can shop around the world, and not worry about where the seller is or whether the shipper sends to Russia. You can also pick up your parcel in Kotka in person. Kotka is just 60 km from the Russian border.

With opening of a virtual account

You want to buy something but you cannot pay with a Russian credit card, or you want to reclaim the VAT. When you purchase goods in the EU and then export them from the EU, you have the right to claim the VAT. WWBox makes this easy for you by creating a virtual WWMoney account. Your returned VAT will go to your WWMoney account, and you can also use it for purchases at WWBox partner-stores. We will arrange all the necessary papers. We will do all the paperwork to recover the VAT if you take the parcel in person and pass customs inspection at the border, or send a parcel from Finland to your home address, the amount of VAT minus a service fee is returned to your virtual account. WWBox will charge a small service fee for VAT recovery. As usual, we can check the contents of the parcel and repack it the way you wish.
Other frequently asked questions

Other frequently asked questions

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